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The White Rabbit VR in Des Moines

  • ages 7+
  • 2 adventures in 1 package

  • Escape Rooms and Multiplayer Arena

  • up to 8 players at the same time
  • state-of-the-art equipment with free movement

  • more than 15 different experiences
  • single- and multiplayer experiences

You've never played VR like this!

Get a new, exciting and breathtaking experience with Virtual Reality in Des Moines, Iowa.
Become a cowboy
become a astronaut
become a knight

Ready for new virtual adventures!

Get a new exciting and breathtaking experience with Virtual Reality in Des Moines, Iowa.
be a cowboy
be a knight
be a astronaut

VR Adventure Package

  • 2 hours experience
  • VR Escape Rooms

  • VR Arena

  • Choose your adventures upon arrival

  • Instruction & support

from $ 39.90 per person
instead of $ 80.00
save up to $ 40 per person!

VIP Upgrade

VIP Upgrade

book the whole location

Book the White Rabbit VR now exclusively for you and your friends alone! 

Just select the VIP upgrade in the booking process.

Choose one of our

VR Escape Rooms

Up to 60 minutes

  • The Prison
    The Prison
    2 - 4 players
  • Alice Escape Room
    1 - 4 players
  • Chernobyl
    1 - 4 players
  • Survival
    1 - 4 players
  • Signal Lost
    Signal Lost
    1 - 4 players
  • Cyberpunk
    2 - 4 players
  • Mission Sigma
    Mission Sigma
    2 - 4 players
    Choose one of our

    VR Arena Experiences

    30 minutes each

    • Mission Z
      Mission Z
      Co-op Adventure Shooter
      Lord Graves invites you to its manor full of surprises. Decide your own fate by choosing which floor you’ll explore. Will you go down to the crypt or up to the library? Solve puzzles, defend yourself and discover what happened to your host...
    • Temple Quest
      Temple Quest
      Co-op adventure
      Step into the shoes of a seasoned adventurer to explore an old temple. Where will you go? To the SKY Temple, high in the clouds? Or to the FIRE temple deep inside a volcano? Avoid traps, escape a maze and uncover this ancient civilization’s fate. The challenge won’t be easy but if you succeed, bountiful treasures await you!
    • Lunarscape Breakdown
      Lunarscape Breakdown
      Co-op space adventure
      There hasn’t been any news from Lunar Base 42 for over 3 days. You and your team are sent to the moon to investigate. Explore the spatio-greenhouses, make new friends and solve the puzzles that impede your progress. Communication with your teammates and deduction skills will be your biggest allies to carry out this mission successfully... Will you be able to finish your epic quest in time?
    • Mission Z II
      Mission Z II
      Co-op Adventure Shooter
      Join the epic battle to shut down the nefarious Lord Grave once and for all. New intel suggests that a hidden mine lies deep beneath his manor, and it's up to you to explore new environments, solve puzzles, and escort a bomb into the heart of the mine. Beware of Lord Grave's creations, as they will stop at nothing to prevent you from succeeding. Get ready for a thrilling and action-packed adventure as you embark on a crazy train ride through the mine, facing Lord Grave's biggest challenge yet. Can you survive the ride of your life?
    • Cyberclash
      Competitive Shooter
      Grab your blasters, shoot your opponents and climb the ranks in this competitive shooter. Explore massive environements covering different themes. Discover a space station, an ancient temple or a pirate bay and more! Use the environment to your advantage, find power-ups and new weapons. Compete against other players in multiple games and become the Champion of the Arena.
    • Death Squad
      Death Squad
      Co-op Zombie Shooter
      In this cooperative wave-based shooter, you'll be transported to different areas invaded by hordes of zombies. You’ll start isolated from your group and will need to explore and unlock new areas to find them. Find new weapons and always stay on the move in order to stay alive as long as possible. Will you survive the zombie apocalypse?
    • Kitchen Panic
      Kitchen Panic
      Co-op Family Friendly
      In this family-friendly cooperative experience, you'll be transported to different Parisian restaurants under the mantle of Chef François. You'll start slow with simple orders and a few ingredients. As you work your way up the ladder, you'll get promoted to new kitchens with increasing difficulty, additional ingredients, and unexpected hazards. Do you have what it takes to become a true chef ?
    • Kraken Island
      Kraken Island
      Co-op Pirate Adventure
      Ahoy, maties! Set sail on an epic pirate adventure! The captain's treasure awaits you on this mysterious island. Load your muskets and prepare yourselves to defeat his haunted crew. A new world awaits. Prepare for battle. Will ye make it out alive?
    • Party Playland
      Party Playland
      kids friendly party games
      Join each other for some family-friendly fun as you compete in a world full of wacky mini- games!

      Do you want to book for more than 4 people?

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      For up to 8 people you can simply make a second booking in the same time slot (if available).

      If you would like to come with more than 8 people, just give us a call and we will help you design your VR event individually:
      Call us: +1515-661-4071

      Note: Our games are designed for up to 4 players in one game. If you come with more than 4 people, we will simply divide you into 2 groups and you can see later which group was faster or had a higher high score.

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      Unforgettable memories!

      Reserve your special occasion, be it a birthday, bachelor party, or a unique corporate event with team building activities!

      Playing virtual reality games at The White Rabbit VR in Des Moines, Iowa, offers an unparalleled experience that promises immense fun for friends and family alike. This state-of-the-art facility allows for two groups of up to four players each to engage simultaneously, fostering a communal yet competitive environment. Whether you're navigating through the mind-bending puzzles of an escape room or battling in immersive VR games, the variety of experiences caters to all tastes and age groups. The VR technology used is top-notch, providing realistic and engaging environments that transport players to worlds beyond imagination. The setup is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that even those new to VR can quickly become immersed in their chosen adventures. The experiences are not just games but interactive stories where players become part of the narrative, enhancing the bond between participants as they work together or compete against each other. The versatility of the games available means that there’s something for everyone, from intense action for thrill-seekers to more laid-back adventures for those looking to explore at their own pace. The White Rabbit VR's emphasis on group participation makes it an ideal venue for birthdays, team-building events, or just a memorable day out with loved ones. It's not just about playing a game; it's about sharing an unforgettable experience that bridges the gap between virtual and reality, making it a must-visit destination in Des Moines.
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